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What is IAMM?


IAMM is a protocol that makes decentralized digital goods a native component of the web.

The world does not yet have a good economic model for creativity, knowledge, invention... all forms of digital production. Royalties, donations & patronage, IP, DRM, are all just band-aids. The latter two stifle knowledge sharing & collaborative innovation.

IAMM changes this. Any form of digital content & media, as well as higher level digital goods like software, can be distributed on top of the protocol in less than five minutes. IAMM measures the impact of your creation and generates continuous revenue streams.

IAMM enables ecosystems and micro-economies to emerge around your creations. You can install policies into your creation, imbue it with custom tokens backed by the Universal Reserve, $MKT.

Backed by $MKT, custom tokens can be freely exchanged with other goods or services, and will always retain liquidity. This provides powerful community-building and coordination capabilities.

Our mission is to improve how value flows across the internet. Information should be free, but effort is not. Value should flow back to the creators so they can keep doing what they do best.

Network Components

Protocol The IAMM network supports value as an economic primitive. It adapts the notion of a supply chain - an "idea" chain - for the web. Value is measured based on continuous impact, which is detected by attributions. Attribution itself can take many forms, from reuse to sharing to derivative works to mentions across the web. We call this the Impact Attribution protocol.
Blueprints Developers and creators can pick economic blueprints from the Marketplace and use them in their projects or build their own and get rewarded for their use.
Curation engine The curation process is highly flexible, generalizing the concept of Token Curated Registries (TCR) with the ability create topics, sub-topics, and include digital goods within them.
Marketplace Browse the IAMM network through the Marketplace, a tool to explore this new impact-driven ecosystem.

Discover Meta Market

The Marketplace will be the first project we develop utilizing this token design. It will be a platform agnostic decentralized digital goods marketplace. It will not only support trading and distribution of digital goods, but also serve as the nexus for protocol-to-protocol & platform-to-platform interactions.

Unlike traditional "NFT marketplaces", The Marketplace is not just a dApp. I Digital goods are first class citizens of the I AMM protocol, so "market" activities happen at the protocol level. Therefore, The Marketplace is really just a browser for the web of value.


Powered by $MKT


MKT is the universal reserve currency of the IAMM network. It is the common language between all its moving pieces and is used for rewarding curators, creators, and digital goods based on how impactful they are.

It is also at the core of the curation system. Topic creators can create a topic by staking $MKT in that topic. Revenue will be distributed to creators based on their placement across all topics.

The MKT token will be continuously issued via bond-to-mint mechanism provided by our bonding curve.


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